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WAY TO GO! FUEL SERVICES and our Fuel Network Partner STAR OIL CO are dedicated to fuel savings & fleets being secure from theft with the superior system to credit cards.

"Today I Saved $61 At The Diesel Pump For My Semi".


Unlimited Cards & Fuel Accountability

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  1. Reduced Fuel Costs:
    Cardlock accounts often provide businesses with access to discounted fuel prices, which can lead to significant savings over time. Additionally, cardlock accounts can help businesses track fuel usage and identify areas where they can reduce fuel consumption.

  2. Improved Fuel Management:
    Cardlock accounts provide businesses with detailed fuel usage data, which can be used to track individual driver behavior, identify unauthorized fuel usage, and optimize fuel routing. This data can also be used to negotiate better fuel rates with suppliers.

  3. Reduced Fraud Risk:
    Cardlock accounts offer multiple security features, such as PIN numbers, purchase limits, and real-time transaction monitoring, which can help prevent unauthorized fuel usage and fraud.

  4. Convenience and Efficiency:
    Cardlock accounts allow businesses to refuel their vehicles quickly and efficiently, without the need for cash or credit card transactions. This can help reduce downtime and improve productivity.

  5. Enhanced Tax Compliance:
    Cardlock accounts provide businesses with detailed fuel usage records, which can be helpful for tax reporting and compliance purposes.

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Meet Maria…

Maria’s trucking company was struggling. Juggling invoices from dozens of gas stations, monitoring driver fuel spends, and fighting fraudulent charges all felt like navigating a minefield. The chaos ate into Maria’s bottom line, making every mile driven feel like a gamble. Maria was initially hesitant about applying for a cardlock account but eventually took the plunge. Her skepticism soon gave way to relief. No more crumpled up receipts. Now there’s clear consolidated bills detailing every gallon pumped, by which driver and in which truck.

Benefits to help Maria’s bottom line came one by one, including most cost control, higher security, streamlined efficiency and greater convenience. But the most unexpected benefit was control. Maria could set spending limits for each driver, track routes in real-time, and even deactivate cards instantly if anything seemed amiss. This empowered her drivers, making them feel part of a responsible team, not just gas-guzzling liabilities. Maria, once consumed by spreadsheets and anxieties, finally had room to breathe and watch her trucks roar down the highway, fueled by efficiency and an extra touch of security.